User Interface and Experience Designer

I create products that are:

Aesthetically Pleasing

Balancing form and function, utilizing skill in art and graphic design.


Using psychology and empathy to create user-centered solutions.


Generating revenue by improving customer satisfaction and engagement.

Destiny Discover

I redesigned the user interface for the largest school library search program in the US.

Follett eFairs

I worked with a small, agile team of developers to take eFairs from its initial prototype into a production-ready, money-making program.

Destiny Read

I fixed user pain-points by creating a seamless app to browse and access eBooks and audiobooks.  

Aspen Go

I increased customer satisfaction of both parents and teachers by updating the interface, despite some tight development restrictions.

Frisbee Finder

I discovered a unique niche waiting to be filled and designed an app to meet the needs of that market.

MUMC Website

A nearby church needed a fresh look for their website. I overhauled the information architecture through user research. 

This case study is more process-focused.


"Peter is the UX 'Hat Trick'! He has the ability to understand the intended user, design effective UX/UI solutions, while remaining in the boundaries of the technologies required in order to implement these designs. I have found working with him to be a constant pleasure. I am impressed with his ability to research personas to design unique solutions that meet required business needs in a manner that can only described as creative. Having been his previous employer, I would highly recommend him as a real asset to any UX team."

- Adam Fields, UX Team Manager

"I had the pleasure of working with Peter at Follett supporting the UI/UX team. His ability to design to the needs of the end user and ability to articulate them with fellow departments was critical to the success of our projects. I appreciate his humor and professionalism and I would strongly recommend him to any team seeking a talented and driven designer."

- Zach Peterson, UX Designer

"Peter Alewine was very easy to work with! We worked together for about a year and I was impressed by his consistently great designs, UX and his ability to quickly adapt to changing needs. He was a great asset to the team and we were very sorry to see him go."

- Dwayne Hua, Principal Developer

"It was great working with Peter on the eFairs team at Follett School Solutions. He always brought great ideas to the team, worked well with others, thoughtfully listened to other's ideas, and always had a positive attitude. He would make a great addition to any team and I hope I have the chance to work with him again one day!"

- Dan Watling, Developer

I’ve enjoyed the privilege of working with Peter for over a year on the Follett eFairs development team. During the course of his tenure, I noted Peter to be nothing short of an upstanding partner. He is a strong man of character, a personable fellow, a talented designer, and a whole person, mature with integrity. He’s absolutely a team member who devoted folks would unquestionably want on board. Peter certainly helps the larger world to feel more connected; more grounded. All this in addition to the invaluable aspects he offers as a well-seasoned UI/UX Designer.

- Jay Archambeau, Quality Assurance